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Increasing healthcare cost are placing a hardship on many businesses, both large and small. eDocHome offers a complete solution to address the rising cost of healthcare and the limited availability of primary care physicians. A utilization report will be provided monthly or quarterly to re-flect the savings for the employees and employer.

High Deductible Plan Solution

Many employees are selecting a high deductible medical program, with some plans having a deductible as much as $6,500.00 or more. These programs shifts the first out-of-pocket healthcare expenses to the employee. By providing eDocHome to employees, they can save a tremendous amount of money by redirecting visits from primary care physicians, urgent care centers and emergency rooms to a telehealth consultation with a $0.00 consultation fee. Not only will eDocHome provide savings for the employees, this will also reduce claims for the employer.

Claims Avoidance Specialists

The Claims Avoidance Program utilizes several cost saving mechanisms that, when properly applied and managed, can significantly reduce the “out-of-pocket” health care expenses experienced by self-funded groups, employers and their employees.

What’s inclcuded in the program?

Included services are designed specifically to offer convenient, efficient alternatives to everyday situations where claim dollars are being spent. By promoting adoption of and making available these products, procuring prescription medica-tions with less out of pocket and receiving non-emergency physician consultations without the expense of a physician office visit make a substantial impact on health care costs experienced by employee and employer alike. Included in the program is our “hands-on” concierge delivery system with utilization tracking mechanisms and technologies that give employers and stakeholders the direct utilization metrics and value measurements they need to understand the pro-gram’s impact on the organization.



24/7 access to a national network of board certified licensed Internal Medicine and Emergency Room physicians who can diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment, and even prescribe medications when appropriate through consultations by phone, through secure live video or by email.

Prescription Savings

The WPA Prescription Savings is a comprehensive program that utilizes a network of prescription resources to find the lowest price available on prescription medications. Delivered to employees through a full concierge service, WPA advo-cates work on their behalf to secure the most savings.

Comprehensive Wellness

Combined with these immediate cost savings options, the comprehensive wellness program addresses everyday health and wellness needs. This program assists in making the necessary lifestyle changes critical to long term health with
free plan services in addition to member’s only savings.


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